State labor commission opens grant application process

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The Utah Labor Commission is seeking applications to award funding to projects or initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to workplace safety.

The grant program aims to identify businesses, educational institutions and community agencies that want to establish initiatives that include but are not limited to setting up workshops and training, creating specialized safety programs, expanding resources involving multiple organizations in collaborative efforts.

Money to support the grant program is generated from a 0.25 percent assessment of workers' compensation premiums paid annually in Utah.

This coming fiscal year the Labor Commission plans to award $300,000 to selected grant recipients.

Information on applying for a grant, including criteria that must be satisfied, is available online at, or by contacting Elena Bensor at 801-530-6918 or emailing her at

Applications are due by March 18 by 5 p.m. —

Application information online

O Go to, or contact Elena Bensor at 801-530-6918, or email her at