Armstrong a jerk

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Re "Armstrong admits doping: 'I'm a flawed character'" (Tribune, Jan. 18):

As an amateur cyclist who considered being a professional in the '70s, I have followed Lance Armstrong's career.

Since the 1950s, cycling has been rife with doping, so much so that the likelihood of winning a major race clean has been almost nonexistent. As a physician and knowing the limits of physical endurance sports, I did not question the multiple allegations of Armstrong's doping. To win so many times, he had to dope.

However, it is his personality characteristic to win at all costs that should concern all of us. By using a consistent plan of excessive defensiveness, ruthless character assassination that ruined lives, his true self has been exposed.

Armstrong is a bully and a jerk. He has and will continue to confabulate to control those around him. He now deserves every attack thrown at him.

Stephen Lordon

Salt Lake City