No more cash to NRA

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I am confused by the new "Gun Appreciation Day." Should I open my gun safe and say thank you to my guns?

"Gun buffs rebuff feds" (Tribune, Jan. 20) got me off the fence. I'm appalled at the utter lack of humanity of these people. As a gun owner with many guns, I have nothing in common with these people, morally, politically or ethically.

I support the totally rational idea of controlling access to assault rifles, large-capacity ammo clips and comprehensive background checks — how can you be against that? Who can support outright threats against citizens, government officials and law enforcement personnel?

I know these people are the fringe and do not represent the majority of hunters and gun owners, but they pose a real threat to the safety of the rest of us.

It is outrageous to say that other citizens and families of victims of gun violence are "bedwetting, hand-wringing liberals" because they support changing our gun laws. And the idea that the best way to deal with gun-related tragedies is to increase the people with guns without adequate controls is beyond absurd.

My support and money are not going to the National Rifle Association!

Jim Defa

Salt Lake City