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"This was all moderate stuff — two decades ago. Political regression has been nasty to traditional progressivism. I live in the 21st century, not the 19th."

— Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

commenting on the Jan. 23 Tribune editorial, "Obama II: The president sets a new tone"

"Congressman Jason Chaffetz said that the only list a sage grouse belongs on is that of the menu at a French bistro. Do we trust in his wisdom?"

— Winglish

commenting on the Jan. 21 Tribune editorial, "Endangered bird: Save the Gunnison sage grouse"

"In Europe sage grouse are protected , this congressman should know better before talking."

— catherinette

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"Chaffetz doesn't do any thinking before talking. He just likes the sound of his voice and his face in front of a camera."

— ConservativeCommonTater

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"Only a max of 10 percent of total costs? Who pays the other 90 percent? That's right, the stupid federal taxpayers pay that 90 percent so let's stick it to them! Ha, ha, ha. Oh wait, that's me too! D'oh!"

— endtrickledowngov

commenting on the Jan. 19 Tribune editorial, "Expand Medicaid: Counties need the mental health aid"

"That's a fair point. Not a great one, though. Whether Utah expands Medicaid or not, your tax dollars will be paying for Medicaid expansion in dozens of other states. Utah's refusal to join will only save you a tiny sliver of that."

— Bryce Anderson

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