Prep 4A swimming: Skyline's Moore breaks her own record

Skyline junior passes last year's best time by more than a second.
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Provo • The start was clean, and so were the turns, and with 10 yards to go, Skyline swimmer Lillian Moore sensed that the Class 4A girls' 100-yard butterfly record again was within reach.

When she touched the wall, she took a breath and turned toward the large scoreboard: 56.19 seconds, more than a full second faster than her Class 4A record-setting time in last year's state meet.

"I knew that I could go faster than last year," Moore said after winning the Class 4A girls' butterfly at Saturday's state meet. "I was pretty set on beating that time. It just makes me want to do better."

Moore is just a junior, and as soon as she climbed out of the pool, she set her sights on achieving a seldom-reached distinction — rewriting a record for three consecutive years. The overall state record for the girls' 100 fly (54.86 seconds) is also within her reach. It is the one she really wants, and it would cement her legacy as one of the best Utah prep swimmers to ever race the event.

For Moore to get there, the formula will remain the same. Her eyes narrow when the subject is raised.

"It's just more hard work," Moore said. "That's about it."

Hard work is what got her to this point. Swimming consumes her life, and she is in the water two to four hours each day, as part of a training regiment she began last year as a sophomore.

As she stepped off the medal podium, first-place medal wrapped around her hand, she made it clear the results have been worth it.

"It's just to be the best that I can be," Moore said. "It's a lot of hard work, but I know my goals, so it makes me want to do it."

While winning a state title has become an annual occurrence for Moore, Springville's Connor Anderson on Saturday experienced the rush for the first time.

The sophomore won the strenuous boys' 500-yard freestyle with a time of 4:37.11.

"It's an exhausting race," Anderson said. "It's one of the hardest races to swim, for sure, but when you swim fast and get a good time, it's really rewarding."

Just minutes later, Anderson anchored Springville's 200-yard freestyle and made up nearly the whole deficit he'd been handed. Springville's 1:28.97 was just .06 seconds behind Skyline's winning time.

"You've just gotta go," Anderson said of racing again so soon after the 500 freestyle. "You've just gotta know you've put the training in, put the time in the pool and know you're ready for it." —


O Skyline junior Lillian Moore breaks the 4A record — which she set last year — in the 100-yard butterfly.

• The Skyline boys' team wins the 200-yard freestyle, edging Springville by .06 seconds. Overlines —

Highland freshman Zoe Phillips won the girls' 100-yard backstroke with a time of 57.49, beating a pair of seniors, Orem's McKanzie Wells and Olympus' Shaylee Howard.

Mountain Crest won the overall boys' title with 328 points, edging out Springville (324), while Skyline cruised to the overall girls' championship with 406 points.

Results —

Girls' 100-yard butterfly

1. Lillian Moore, Skyline, 56.19; 2. Gabrielle Beard, Woods Cross, 1:02.70; 3. Madison Callaway, Orem, 1:02.84; 3. (tie) Xandra Pryor, Highland, 1:02.84; 5. Kathryn Cook, Mountain Crest, 1:03.10; 6. McCall Mash, Murray, 1:05.15.

Boys' 100 butterfly

1. Jarom Chamberlain, Olympus, 52.79; 2. Ethan Beseris, Skyline, 53.42; 3. Josh Whisenant, Highland, 54.06; 4. Ben Stewart, Mountain Crest, 55.73; 5. Mathew Vaughan, Springville, 56.09; 6. Mitchel Hawley, Woods Cross, 56.22; 6. (tie) Detlef Steed, Skyline, 56.22.

Girls' 100 freestyle

1. Hailey Pabst, Mountain Crest, 52.50; 2. Shaylee Howard, Olympus, 54.06; 3. Polly Creveling, Skyline, 54.36; 4. Nichole Mertz, Springville, 54.47; 5. Claire Brooks, Skyline, 54.92; 6. Melissa Hofmann, Olympus, 55.50.

Boys' 100 freestyle

1. Sean O'very, Mountain Crest, 48.49; 2. Mckay Chamberlain, Skyline, 49.11; 3. David Amirkhanashvili, Skyline, 49.13; 4. Travis Pope, Springville, 49.25; 5. Daniel Avery, Woods Cross, 49.38; 6. Beau Brush, East, 49.85.

Girls' 500 freestyle

1. Eva Gontrum, Highland, 5:12.34; 2. Audrey Miller, Skyline, 5:18.27; 3. McKenzie Pollei, Murray, 5:26.60; 4. Annika Israelsen, Sky View, 5:31.28; 5. Alexis Kearsley, Woods Cross, 5:34.45; 6. Abby Loden, Olympus, 5:36.10.

Boys' 500 freestyle

1. Connor Anderson, Springville, 4:37.11; 2. William Watts, Mountain Crest, 4:37.58; 3. James Sorensen, Skyline, 4:48.26; 4. Christopher McClain, Springville, 4:57.60; 5. Mckay Mertz, Springville, 4:58.51; 6. Chad Harris, Mountain View, 4:59.67.

Girls' 200 freestyle relay

1. Skyline, 1:40.46; 2. Mountain Crest, 1:40.74; 3. Olympus, 1:42.00; 4. Springville, 1:43.80; 5. Westlake, 1:45.52; 6. Woods Cross, 1:47.41.

Boys' 200 freestyle relay

1. Skyline, 1:28.91; 2. Springville, 1:28.97; 3. Mountain Crest, 1:31.80; 4. Murray, 1:32.04; 5. Woods Cross, 1:33.04; 6. Box Elder, 1:33.25.

Girls' 100 backstroke

1. Zoe Phillips, Highland, 57.49; 2. McKenzie Wells, Orem, 58.18; 3. Shaylee Howard, Olympus, 58.78; 4. Ashlee Spindler, Mountain Crest, 58.96; 5. Ali Dibble, Skyline, 59.87; 6. Polly Creveling, Skyline, 1:01.52.

Boys' 100 backstroke

1. Porter Roe, Mountain Crest, 53.28; 2. Thomas Sheridan, Woods Cross, 55.93; 3. Josh Burningham, Mountain Crest, 56.52; 4. Jayden Beardall, Murray, 56.63; 5. Carter Gratton, Murray, 56.70; 6. Riley Herzog, Mountain Crest, 56.71.

Girls' 100 breaststroke

1. Alexis Ralph, Woods Cross, 1:09.73; 2. Tyler Stephenson, Highland, 1:09.93; 3. Laura Spencer, Olympus, 1:12.02; 4. Emily Shaw, Orem, 1:12.81; 5. Sabrina Nielsen, Woods Cross, 1:13.47; 6. Anya Burtis, Mountain Crest, 1:13.60.

Boys' 100 breaststroke

1. John Morris, Springville, 1:00.54; 2. Mathew Vaughan, Springville, 1:02.72; 3. Grant Rainier, East, 1:03.18; 4. Kade Hall, Bonneville, 1:03.32; 5. Alex Braeger, Sky View, 1:03.75; 6. Steven Deng, Skyline, 1:04.20.

Girls' 400 freestyle relay

1. Skyline, 3:36.52; 2. Highland, 3:41.09; 3. Mountain Crest, 3:43.24; 4. Springville, 3:47.30; 5. Orem, 3:51.16; 6. Sky View, 3:52.49.

Boys' 400 freestyle relay

1. Mountain Crest, 3:11.93; 2. Skyline, 3:14.83; 3. Springville, 3:15.15; 4. Woods Cross, 3:23.74; 5. Olympus,3:28.32; 6. East, 3:29.18.