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"Please stop printing other states' idiotic lawmakers' idiotic bills. Someone might read this to some of our idiotic state lawmakers & give them new ideas."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the Feb. 5 State of the Debate blog post, "Multistate Legislative Follies ..."

"The Republican strategy would be to let capitalism and the free market solve this problem. You can therefore count on things getting worse."

— ProSteve

commenting on the Feb. 11 Tribune editorial, "Air solution: Cleaner air requires leadership"

"Can't wait to see all the Google ads that pop up on the side of that page."

— alpinecoach

commenting on the Feb. 11 article, "Sex ed training bill for Utah parents advances"

"I have compassion for the families of illegal immigrants. No one is stopping them from taking their families with them when they return to their country of origin."

— Broom_Lady

commenting on the Feb. 12 Tribune editorial, "Try compassion: Immigration issue is about people"

"I'm so glad that we adults continue to be allowed to do stupid things that endanger others."

— 52678

commenting on the Feb. 13 article, "Utah House panel says teen drivers should turn off cellphones"

"Those parents that need this the worst won't use it."

— rutylou

commenting on the Feb. 14 Tribune editorial, "Sex ed for parents: Schools should stick to teaching kids"

"Don't worry Swallow. You'll have plenty of friends to share a table with in the prison cafeteria."

— ChairmanMauzer

commenting on the Feb. 13 Paul Rolly column, "Utah County GOP gives John Swallow a cold shoulder"