Prep wrestling: East's Allie Hamilton takes on all comers

Prep wrestling • Daughter of Leopards coach Nick Hamilton wants to start girls program.
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They've never packed so much confidence into 113 pounds.

Allie Hamilton is part spitfire and trailblazer. The East High sophomore is not only holding her own at the 113 weight class, she is opening other doors for girls to follow in the sport of wrestling. The daughter of East coach Nick Hamilton, Allie is leading the charge to organize girls wrestling for next season.

"We need to develop a program for girls to wrestle and compete in," Allie said. "We need to dispel the notion that it is awkward to wrestle a girl."

She enjoys the distinction of warping people's perception of gender identity. For Allie, wrestling is a physical battle between participants and doesn't focus on the gender. Her 17-20 record might be below .500, but her enthusiasm and dedication in the ring are unparalleled.

"It's about pinning people and proving that you've done the work to be on the mat," she said. "All I care about is working hard and gaining more confidence at tournaments."

She is not alone in pursing wrestling as a girl. This season against Logan and Uinta High, Allie bested their female wrestlers. She would like to wrestle more girls, but is happy stepping onto the mat with anyone who wants to challenge her. In fact, she enjoys manhandling the boys, proving she has a place in high-school wrestling.

"It's the funniest thing watching a guy run off the mat crying," Allie said. "There is nothing better than beating the crap out of somebody and knowing that you've won."

Nick Hamilton started favoring putting together a girls squad at East when others witnessed Allie besting the boys and pinning them. He agreed to work with her to get a girls program in place providing they do the work.

"They get held to the same standard," Hamilton said. "We're not going to be calling it powder puff — it will be wrestling."

Allie credits her teammates for treating her with the respect that they would show any other wrestler. Calling them her Band of Brothers, she knows the support they have shown her would be extended to anybody who puts in the hard work wrestling demands.

Next year will be the inaugural season of girls wrestling at East, but Allie has bigger plans after graduation. She wants to pursue the U.S. Olympic Team in freestyle and Greco-Roman. In the meantime, she follows the same behavior of all wrestlers — make weight and train hard.

"It is so intense but it is also so much fun. You learn to be aware and have a self-confidence you can't find anywhere else," she said. "Knowing that you can beat up a boy makes you feel pretty confident about yourself." —

Bring 'em on

East's Allie Hamilton has a 17-20 record vs. boys and girls.

She wants to start a girls wrestling program at East next year.

She is the daughter of East wrestling coach Nick Hamilton.