Should Juggalos be allowed to donate blood in Salt Lake City?

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Psychopathic Records, the record label of the Insane Clown Posse, has begun sending out a biweekly newsletter talking about what Psychopath Records calls "the true consequences of this unfair and wholly inaccurate depiction of Juggalos as a gang."

Their most recent e-mail blast is written by a Juggalo from our fair city:"I went with my girlfriend to donate plasma. I have several tattoos, including a few related to Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records. I asked what I needed to donate and the lady told me I needed state I.D., Social Security card and a proof of address. I gave her all of my information and she gave me a book to read after they checked my veins in my arms. The book covered the rules and concerns about plasma donation and said and if you have certain diseases (HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C,etc.) you can't donate. After waiting for three hours, I was finally called into a little booth and the nurse began taking me through the process, having me fill out paperwork and giving me payment information. She then took some blood to make sure everything in my blood was okay for donating and it was; she said it was 'perfect' for donating. Soon she began asking about my tattoos and piercing, asking questions like what they were and whether they were finished or not. She asked me to turn over my left arm and saw my Hatchet Man tattoo. She asked 'Is that a Hatchet Man?' I replied 'Yes it is. Why?' She then told me that they could not allow me to donate because Juggalos are on the Salt Lake City Metro Police gang list. I told her I was a fan of ICP and not a gangster and what difference a tattoo made if I was donating plasma that saves people's lives every day. She just apologized and told me that was the policy so I was unable to donate plasma."- Jeremiah T.Salt Lake City, UT