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"Sounds like just another way to subsidize the costs of someone else's children."

— Wick

commenting on the Feb. 19 Tribune editorial, "Worker tax credit: Bill would help low-income Utahns"

"With all the major issues in the world today, concern over drums and feathers or 'Dixie' is as childish as it gets. It's time for people to grow up and act like adults."

— A_Nobody

commenting on the Feb. 17 article, "Is it time for Utah's drum and feather logo to go?"

"If they want to serve legislators, fine, then they should also have to serve anyone that walks in from the street; school kids, bird watchers, legislative assistants, bums and vagrants. That would be fair."

— libgentile

commenting on the Feb. 18 article, "No such thing as a free lunch? Tell Utah legislators"

"We will clean up our air only when we realize that the crud cloud is losing us money."

— utecougar

commenting on the Feb. 19 Public Forum letter, "Bad air hurts Utah"

"Apparently we don't care about the rest of the Constitution just so long as we can have our guns and be ready to engage in armed insurrection sometime down the road."

— Eliyahu

commenting on the Feb. 20 Tribune editorial, "Robbing the people: Bill would gut right of redress"

"If private industry isn't willing to take the risk, that means it's risky. We already know that from UTOPIA."

— mingju

commenting on the Feb. 20 Tribune editorial, "Nuclear speculation: SB199 would shift risk to ratepayers"