Tattoo parlors may need to keep photocopy ID for young customers

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Tattoos are permanent. And tattoo parlors may soon need to keep long-lasting proof that young people gave them identification showing they were adults to obtain body art or piercings.

The House voted 68-1 Tuesday to pass HB117, and sent it to the Senate. It requires parlors to keep photocopies on file of identification that someone used to show they were old enough to obtain a tattoo without permission of a parent.

Its sponsor, Rep. Jon Stanard, R-St. George, said a constituent reported that a 15-year-old child recently obtained a tattoo without parental consent.

"As the parents talked to the child about it, it turns out that this person went into a tattoo parlor. They said, 'Are you 18?' He said no. They said, 'Well if anyone asks us, you showed us an ID.' The law is currently allowing that big of a loophole," Stanard said.

He added that the change in the law will protect both businesses and children, and said most tattoo parlors report that they already keep such information on file.

Lee Davidson