Back to school

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Thank you, Bob Halloran, for your comments in "Teaching tutorial" (Forum, March 4), including, "Many of our underappreciated legislators would benefit greatly by spending one day in the shoes of a Utah educator." Thanks for being willing to substitute teach — a difficult job.

Teachers have opportunities to meet with legislators during Educator Day on the Hill. I propose that legislators meet teachers in schools for Legislator Day in the Trenches.

Come to my school, Foothills Elementary, and you will see teachers and kids hard at work. Visit my classroom and I'll put you to work!

I promise you won't have to deal with discipline, individualize learning or keep the attention of 20-plus first-graders for seven hours. I will do that.

And parents, if possible, get to know your child's teacher by visiting the classroom — not by reading test scores.

Kathy Joffs