Sports rant: You seriously can't suck it up and play golf?

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Look, Rory McIlroy, we all have bad days; we're not trying to say you're not entitled to the occasional meltdown.

We'll also concede it would be rough having every such meltdown become fodder for public scrutiny on account of being a world-famous athlete.

That said …

You seriously can't suck it up and play golf?

When we're having a bad day at the office, we don't get to head out at lunch time and just not come back. You're also not gonna find a lot of sympathy from people who don't make in a year what you make in a good weekend.

We realize you haven't had many good weekends yet this year. We still don't want to hear lame excuses about wisdom tooth pain.

So, seriously … suck it up and play some golf.