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"Our Utah Legislature should be making it easier for Utahns to get mental health care, not easier to carry concealed weapons."

— Chester4

commenting on the March 18 Tribune editorial, "Anyone can carry: Herbert should veto gun bill"

"Better send the Porter Rockwell brigade to the eastern border to keep these commies from infiltrating the Promised Land."

— fancher_boggs

commenting on the March 20 AP/ article, "Landmark gun bills signed in Colorado"

"Just more proof that here in Utah, if you're not rich, white &/or a member of the 10% club, you have no rights."

— saltykat

commenting on the March 17 column from leaders of the Utah ACLU, "Our right to a lawyer," which called on Utah to do more to keep the constitutional promise that every defendant in every criminal case is entitled to an attorney

"Why would energy & extraction companies pay millions to a state education fund, when, for 50K or less, they can just buy Utah politicians to ensure their low costs?"

— SkierJim7

commenting on the March 16 Tribune editorial, "Slippery slope: Nothing to stop slide of education," which criticized the last session of the Utah Legislature for, again, underfunding public education

"The BSA is going down in flames because they're so afraid of the flaming. It's delicious to watch."

— Tax_the_Rich_is_back

commenting on the March 19 article, "Chipotle backs out of Scout-O-Rama event, citing policy on discrimination"

"Until clean air becomes a money maker the air will continue to be dirty. As always follow the $$$."

— Broom_Lady

commenting on the March 19 Tribune editorial, "Jobs, not health: Gov, legislators ignore bad air"