St. George man faces sentencing on multiple Cache County DUIs

Justice • Man who faces five-year sentence also allegedly had Oxycodone in his system.
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Over the space of two days, Daniel Max Kropf was cited three times with driving while under influence of drugs or alcohol.

On April 29, the 42-year-old St. George man will appear in Logan's 1st District Court to learn how long he may have to stay behind bars on his plea-bargained third-degree felony and a class A misdemeanor DUI counts, prosecutors say.

On Monday, Kropf entered guilty pleas to those two charges — in return for a second misdemeanor DUI count being dropped, the office of Cache County Attorney James Swink confirmed.

Kropf had been scheduled for a jury trial April 10-12.

He had been taken into police custody for DUI on three separate occasions July 9-10, according to court documents. The first two times, he bailed out. The third time, he was held in jail for several weeks before being released pending court proceedings.

In addition to alcohol use, prosecutors claimed Kropf also was using Oxycodone around the time of his arrests.

Depending on recommendations from a pending sentencing report, Kropf could be ordered to be incarcerated up to five years when he appears before Judge Kevin Allen next month.

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