Notes from Pittsburgh press conference

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Tweet, tweet, tweet

We're living in a digital age.

So when Pitt senior guard Tray Woodall stepped up to the podium to field questions from the press Wednesday afternoon, he grabbed his placard and asked for a pen.

Once he was done writing, he placed his placard back right where it came from.

But there was one quirk — he had written his Twitter account, @TrayWoodall1, in a playful ploy for the press to follow him.

There were laughs from various reporters after Woodall placed the placard back in its appropriate place.

No clue

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said his favorite part of participating in the NCAA Tournament is seeing how his young guys and foreign players deal with all the attention.

He even went as far to say his star 7-foot freshman center Steven Adams, a game-changing defensive player from Rotorua, New Zealand, doesn't quite understand the stage yet.

"Steve Adams has no idea," Dixon said, laughing.