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"Is this for real? Did they pick up an Onion article? I pity every woman in this guy's life."

— brettys

commenting on the March 24 Public Forum letter, "Woman, know thy place," which argued that the Bible prohibits women praying, or speaking at all, in church.

"Some of us have trouble with the concept that it takes a gun to live in a safe society."

— grannyk8

commenting on the March 24 Tribune editorial, "Veto on target: Herbert's veto should be upheld," supporting Gov. Gary Herbert's veto of HB76, which would allow the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit.

"If the budget for roads were spent on mass transit instead, our air quality problem would be half-fixed, and our obesity problem would be half as bad . Such a shame. Cars are a menace."

— Tax_the_Rich_is_back

commenting on the March 25 Tribune editorial, "Roads and transit: Fuel tax must be raised"

"Way to go, Second Amendment fanatics! Mr. Responsible Gun Training himself acting like an utter irresponsible jerk. Wonder if whomever stole it soon will shoot someone or many someones dead."

— FUtah2011

commenting on the March 28 article, "Prominent Utah gun lobbyist's AR-15 assault rifle stolen from his car"

"Only in Utah would a governor turn Earth Day into Exploitation Day"

— Oosik

commenting on the March 29 Colby Poulson op-ed, "Utah poster contest a bad fit for Earth Day."

"Let those who put a greater burden on the system pay for it — you know, like the "personal accountability" that the domineering group keeps harping on — paying more instead of less than those who limit their progeny without the expectation that others will pick up the tab."

— Moab Mike

commenting on the March 28 article, "It's time to raise taxes for education, transportation, say Utah leaders"