Bring out your awkward questions! Adam and Dr. Drew are in town

Comedy • "Loveline" co-hosts reunite to take their advice radio show on the road.
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The Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Reunion Tour will make a stop at Kingsbury Hall on Saturday, so bring your friends and spouses.

Unless, of course, you plan to be one of the audience members who ask the co-hosts advice on an awkward sexual problem. Then — to avoid embarrassment — you should probably leave the relatives at home.

Carolla and Drew Pinsky, who co-hosted the top-rated syndicated radio call-in show "Loveline" from 1995 to 2005, have reunited for a U.S. tour. The duo will talk about their advice-line experiences, dish about behind-the-scenes events and, of course, take questions from audience members who need medical and relationship advice.

On paper, Carolla and Pinsky never seemed as if they would mesh. But somehow their contrasting personalities worked spectacularly.

Carolla, 48, who once hosted "The Man Show" with Jimmy Kimmel, is an acerbic comic whose podcast was recently named "Most Downloaded Podcast in the World" by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Pinsky, 54 and a certified medical doctor, is the mild-mannered star of "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" and the go-to doctor on CNN when celebrities struggle with medical problems and sobriety. He has hosted "Loveline" at a Los Angeles radio station since 1984 and continues to do so, with partner "Psycho Mike" Cottonwood.

On the show, Pinsky was the straight man to Carolla's smart-alecky rants and wisecracks. Besides being helpful to callers — who were often teenagers with R-rated questions — the show was frequently hilarious.

Carolla's jester persona magnified Pinsky's professional, no-nonsense advice. While Carolla would sometimes undermine Pinsky's counsel — making fun of callers and offering bad advice — Pinsky remained calm. The two also seem to genuinely like each other.

"Drew's greatest virtue is that he knows he's not funny," Carolla said during a recent telephone interview with both men. "It's like thinking you can box well but you're not, and that doesn't turn out well. He doesn't burden himself with mirth."

"When I am funny, it's by accident," Pinsky quickly added, proof of the chemistry the two have.

Pinsky said Carolla adds a fresh, everyman perspective to the show. "Adam's good," he said. "He has learned to listen, and he's insightful."

"I'm the common denominator," Carolla said.

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What's your problem?

Wiseguys presents Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Reunion Tour.

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What they have been asked

Here are some of the more tame questions that callers have asked on "Loveline."

I look at porn every day. Am I addicted? How can I tone it down?

What are the risks of nipple-piercings?

I'm 19, and I met a guy who's 40. He has three kids, and a daughter who's older than I am. Should I continue seeing him?

I once shot myself and became blind. Should I have kids?