The Joy Formidable hit Salt Lake City Friday; Interview with Ritzy

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Most sensible people avoid Maine in the winter.

But, for some reason, Welsh pop-rock band The Joy Formidable decided to record much of its most recent album there.

Frontwoman Ritzy Bryan said a previous tour had ended in Maine, so they were able to spend a few days exploring The Pine Tree State.

"We absolutely fell in love," she said in a phone interview. "Call us crazy." (I will, but respectfully.)

They returned to the United Kingdom, and when it came time to record songs they have written during that tour, they came to Maine to make the record, with finishing touches done later in London.

Like Bono, Bryan is obsessed with the United States, developing a strong interest in Indian culture and mythology that reminds her of home. "We were definitely connected to where we grew up, with stories and myths and legends and the natural world" she said.

The album was released in January, and the shoegazing-inspired band is touring the world, relieving Bryan of needing a flat. She currently has no home address.

"It's not tragic homelessness," she said. "We want to cover a lot of ground. I'm embracing the nomadic lifestyle. The only thing I miss is my record collection."

Guards and Fort Lean are also on the bill.

When • Friday, March 29, at 8:30 p.m.Where • Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, Salt Lake CityTickets • $18 at 24Tix