Utah not cutting edge

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The editorial "After DOMA: Time to recognize same-sex unions" (Our View, March 29) concluded that "Rather than stand and watch the rest of civilization pass us by, it would be wise for Utah to join with those states in recognizing same-sex marriage for the civil right it truly is."

I don't expect Utah to be on the cutting edge of this social revolution. After all, Utah wasn't a leader for the civil rights of blacks or women, either.

But it would be nice to have Utah take a middle course: Forbid same-sex marriages from being legally performed, but recognize same-sex married couples who move here from other states.

Not recognizing their existing marriage is not only petty (since it won't break them up) but cruel to their children, who will have to wrestle with the fact that their parents are now suddenly no longer married. Who does that help?

Gay couples and gay families are a fact of American life. They won't disappear just because you won't recognize them.

It's good citizenship to help strengthen their families, as you would any other family. Hell, it's being a good Christian — treating others as you would be treated.

Marilyn Gibson

Salt Lake City