Redford's 'Walk in the Woods' has a director

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One of Robert Redford's longtime pet projects may finally be getting off the ground.

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that filmmaker Richard Linklater (whose "Before Sunset" premiered at Sundance this year) is set to direct "A Walk in the Woods," an adaptation of Bill Bryson's 1998 travel book — to which Redford's production company holds the rights,

Redford would produce the film, and co-star with Nick Nolte. They would play two friends who try to walk the Appalachian Trail (and this is not employing a Mark Sanford-esque euphemism). Along the way, the two old friends talk about their lives and the state of the world.

Redford had once intended to make "A Walk in the Woods" a vehicle to reunite with his old friend Paul Newman, but Newman's failing health in his final years made that unworkable.

Filming could start as early as this fall, the L.A. Times reported.