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"To say this is anything but a sham to import cheaper labor is not only a lie, but a damn lie!"

— IT Geek

commenting on the April 9 article, "Salt Lake Chamber leader Beattie blasts Utah senators on immigration"

"Of course anyone who can't afford to buy insurance is a moocher and a taker, just ask Mittens and Paulie 'Ayn' Ryan. So they can die of easily preventable conditions or starve in the gutter like Jesus wanted."

— r dale

commenting on the April 9 Paul Krugman column, "Denying health care in the name of freedom"

"The sentiment expressed here clashes with another huge problem with higher education, it's unaffordability. Students are taking on ridiculous amounts of debt to get a degree. Raising faculty salaries won't lower the cost of a college education."

— SLCynic

commenting on the April 9 Tribune editorial, "College wages: Utah gets the teachers it pays for"

"No, the market is wrong. These people want to hire illegal aliens and screw the American worker, and they want the American worker to be grateful for it."

— ConservativeCommonTater

commenting on the April 12 Tribune editorial, "The market is right: Business backs immigration reform"

"Every city in the valley should be under one police department, but that interferes with the giant egos of all our mayors."

— occams_beard_trimmer

commenting on the April 11 Tribune editorial, "WVC or UPD?: City should consider county service"

"Everyone hates the 'illegals' as a group, but not the individuals. Let 'em stay, pay income taxes, learn English and assimilate."

— laytonian

commenting on the April 12 article, "For Utah teen, saving the family dream is an uphill battle"