Finally, a legitimate dollar sign attached to fishing in Utah

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Anglers have long known the "value" of fishing in Utah. Unfortunately, the quality of life and aesthetic values of the sport mean basically nothing to politicians. Dollar signs, on the other hand, raise eyebrows. There have been some basic economic reports searching for the economic value of fishing in Utah and some national reports that have been applied to the Beehive State, but nothing comprehensive and reliable.That changed when Utah State University researchers released a report. You want dollar signs? How about $259 million of them? And that is very conservative estimate.I applaud the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council for seeking the report. They obviously realize that dollar signs mean more to the Legislature and other powers that be than the smiles of kids and the life memories created while wading a stream, floating in a dory or motoring around a lake with the family.Speaking of the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council, you will notice in the information box with the story that there are two openings on the council. Get involved and make a difference. The video is from an ice fishing trip at Panguitch Lake. It is important to recognize that not all Blue Ribbon Fisheries in Utah involve fly fishing on rivers.