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"Like processed food which uses salt, sugar and fat in lieu of flavor, texture and freshness, TV and movie executives use sex, violence, and over the top vulgarity as stand ins for plot, writing, talent, and substance."

— PartyofinteresT

commenting on the April 19 Scott D. Pierce On Television column, "TV sex is a problem but violence is fine?"

"The Bush administration's 'descent into torture' demolished any semblance of the American exceptionalism too many politicians like to crow about."

— Xposit

commenting on the April 22 Tribune editorial, "Torture report: How it happened and why"

"[Sim] Gill should be Utah AG and John Swallow should be out sweeping the streets."

— pointone

commenting on the April 24 article, "Utah DA honored for 'courage' in probing police department's alleged missteps"

"Milbank has made the obvious mistake of taking Mikey Lee seriously. No one in Utah does."

— r dale

commenting on the April 23 Dana Milbank column, "Mike Lee leaves conservatives hungry for ideas"

"We don't need a big, expensive Republican fence. We need the employers to be arrested and heavily fined."

— ConservativeCommonTater

commenting on the April 23 article, "Immigration bill might not lengthen border fence"

"George [Will] makes me pine back to the time when the conservatives actually had people who think instead of regurgitating the idiotic bile of faux news and reich wing radio."

— occams_beard_trimmer

commenting on the April 24 George F. Will column, "The shame of deference"