Movie review: 'Gimme the Loot' a vibrant tale of Bronx teens

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Adam Leon's comedy-drama "Gimme the Loot" is a gritty and bracingly authentic profile of young New Yorkers seeking money and glory.

Malcolm (Ty Hickson) and Sofia (Tashiana Washington) are Bronx graffiti artists who have to dodge rival taggers while pursuing a mission: to "bomb the Apple," that is to leave their signature art on the giant apple that pops up after home runs at New York Mets games. Malcolm convinces Sofia he's got a guy on the inside at Citi Field, but they need $500 to pay the guy to get them in.

Thus begins a series of misadventures, as Sofia hits up everyone she knows for cash, while Malcolm flirts with and then contemplates robbing a snooty white woman (Zoƫ Lescaze).

Leon captures the rhythms of the Bronx, the informal economics of the taggers' world and the cultural gap between rich and poor. He also extracts winning performances from Hickson and Washington, who possess raw energy and some tender chemistry as these inner-city strivers.; —


'Gimme the Loot'

Opens Friday, May 3, at the Tower Theatre; not rated, but probably R for sexuality, drug use and language; 81 minutes.