Green River Fishing Report - Fish are "super sizing their meals', terrestrials starting to show up

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Ryan Kelly with Flaming Gorge Resort sent in this report of fishing on the Green River. Check out more of his tales of

Green River Fishing Report for May 16th, 2013Hatches: Midges, Small BWO's, Few Cicadas and Pine Beetles.Flows: 800, but could change any day now.The warm weather has brought a transition time here on the Green. The smaller bugs are less prevalent and bigger bugs are starting to show. A few cicadas have been out, along with a fair amount of pine beetles. The terrestrial fishing has been spotty, but has had its moments. This can be a good time to use a dry/dropper rig to fill in the times when the fish aren't looking up. The BWO's continue to get smaller, they are in the 18-20 range. Midge larva continue to be in the drift in size 16-22. Scuds have started to be more of a staple food this past week. I have been fishing a 16 with success, but many of the naturals are smaller. Lower B has seen active yellow sally nymphs. The hatch won't start for another month, but the nymphs have begun to move around quite a bit. It's important to note that the Yampa river is most likely going to peak in the next few days. The BOR generally tries to match the Yampa peak with the endangered species release. This means that high water could come any day now. On the wildlife front the birds have been the entertainment. We saw a raven get in a dog fight with a golden eagle and hold his own quite well. We also had a bull snake join us for lunch. On one float we saw an Osprey catch a fish, a red tail hawk, a peregrine falcon and golden eagle. I think we had most of the raptors covered. We continue to catch disproportionately fat bows. I didn't know fish could super size meals at the drive through, or swim through. Either way they are down right chunky!