Use birth control

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The grisly murders of babies by abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is enough to make us all sick. Why are the mothers of these murdered babies never mentioned? Are they not complicit in this?

Did none of them know their babies were born alive? With a late-term pregnancy, these women knew full well that their baby was alive inside them. Some probably heard their babies cry when they were torn out by Gosnell. No first-degree murder charge for the mothers?

If you do not want children, but you do want sex, take your lazy irresponsible butt to the drugstore to buy birth control. If you're too lame to do it for yourself, buy protection for the "boyfriend" and make him use it.

If you can make your way to an abortion clinic with money in hand, you could, and should, have used birth control.

Micki Moulton