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"At least they didn't have to worry about concealed weapons."

— Mototabby

commenting on the May 23 article, "Police raid live sex show in Syracuse, arrest six"

"Organizations like ALEC won't be happy until all the garment sweat shops in Bangladesh are move to the states, and for the day when American workers beg for those $39-a-month jobs."

— max_cady

commenting on the May 23 Tribune editorial, "Poor or rich?: In Utah, depends whom you ask"

"It's called redistributing wealth from workers who actually produce something to new Americans aristocrats.

— day_in_the_sun

commenting on the May 23 article, "Nation's CEOs seeing a lot more pay"

"Obama could say that water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and a reasonably sizable segment of the American public would think he's lying."

— Guy Incognito

commenting on the May 23 article, "Obama defends drone strikes but says no cure-all"

"Why don't we remove our money from these big banks & put them in credit unions & financial institutions too small to hold us hostage?"

— saltykat

commenting on the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial, republished in the May 23 Tribune, "Banks still want bailouts"

" That an officer died in the line of duty trying to prevent a person from growing a plant in his basement is literally a national tragedy."

— tck62

commenting on the May 22 article, "Judge: No hearing on warrant that led to death of Utah officer"