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Bonneville Shoreline Trail • Great climbs, rolling flat sections and techy areas that challenge aggressive riders give the Bonneville Shoreline trail plenty of variety to make it a winner in any mountain biker's mind.

That the trail is just minutes from downtown, making it a convenient place to get a lunch or post-work ride, makes it the most popular ride in the area.

While the trail is listed as one, its many entry and exit points allow riders a lot of freedom in the length of rides chosen. You can do a short climb up to the towers above downtown for a quick workout or make it an all-day affair by starting near the zoo, riding over to Bountiful and back.

First runner-up

Slickrock Trail • This trail made Moab famous with plenty of slickrock to test a rider's courage.

Second runner-up

Wasatch Crest • Beautiful views, epic climbing and plenty of options make this ride a classic.