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"Has this paper ever declared that a tax hike was a bad idea? Has it ever suggested cutting taxes? Has it ever suggesting trimming back the size of government?"

— E101XOR

commenting on the June 6 Tribune editorial, "Catching up: Small tax hike reasonable"

"There are some very wealthy Americans who understand the plights of the average working person. Romney is not one of them."

— Brother_Cloytus

commenting on the June 6 Esther Cepeda column, "For Romney, lessons not learned"

"Too bad we have to rely on foreign journalists to find out the truth of what's happening in our own damn country."

— Tinycommandorobot

commenting on the June 6 AP/ article, "White House defends collecting phone records"

"What a dumb idea. Take a low income immigrant and have them fill out their taxes. Factor in the child tax credits and the EITC and we'll be paying them. Does Hatch even know how taxes work?"

— constitutionist

commenting on the June 6 article, "Hatch wants immigrants to pay back taxes"

"Of course Hatch know how the tax system works. You put most of your money in offshore accounts and avoid paying taxes."

— ConservativeCommonTater

commenting on the above comment

"Just another victim of the long, pointless, war on pot."

— dwharbin

commenting on the June 7 Tribune editorial, "Keep the case open: Fatal raid must be investigated"