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"Sport hunting and predator control didn't remove the wolves in the first place. It was active eradication promoted, managed, funded, and implemented by the federal government that was responsible. And nothing short of active eradication will threaten wolves in the foreseeable future."

— SLCynic

commenting on the June 11 Tribune editorial, "Value of wolves: Feds must maintain some oversight"

"We don't have to secure the border, just secure the workplace so the 'job creators' can't save money by hiring illegal foreign labor."

— tck62

commenting on the June 9 Tribune editorial, "Immigration bill: Hatch should support reform"

"Secret courts and warrants do not protect us from enemies. They create enemies. Anyone who loves freedom and believes in the rights given in the Constitution ought to be an enemy to programs and tactics like this."

— Mark Mark

commenting on the June 11 article, "Utah's Lee wants public access to secret court rulings"

"Men bullying women — will things ever change? Not in the GOP. And that's why the GOP has a dim future."

— EmmanuelGoldstein1984

commenting on the June 13 Dana Milbank column, "Manly GOP declares war on abortion"

"To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't admit to signing for an argyle sweater either."

— Ellbuff

commenting on the June 12 article, "Utah A.G. John Swallow: I did nothing wrong and won't resign," in which Swallow denies charging an argyle sweater to the account of a businessman who was facing felony counts