Help for diabetics

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As an adult living with Type 1 diabetes, I measure everything I eat and drink. Several times a day, I test my blood and administer insulin to keep my blood sugar under control. Otherwise, I could face long-term, dangerous complications, including blindness, heart failure and kidney disease.

I am not alone: millions with T1D, including my niece, are among the 23 percent increase of American youth diagnosed with T1D in the past decade. Thanks to medical research, I have a reason to hope for a T1D-free future for my niece, myself and millions of others.

With strong support from Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Special Diabetes Program was recently renewed. SDP is a key research program that brings better treatments and technologies to T1D children and adults, improving their quality of life and reducing costly complications that will save taxpayer dollars, including Medicare savings.

Thank you, Sen. Hatch, for standing up for the T1D community. Perhaps one day millions living with this disease can say: I am free from T1D!

Todd Turnlund

Park City