Scott D. Pierce: Heather Locklear is back, and she's still hot

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Heather Locklear is 51 years old. Really.

She doesn't look it. Not even close. She was hot back before that word was overused; she's still hot today.

You can see for yourself. Locklear is joining the cast of the TNT legal dramady "Franklin & Bash," bringing her brand of sexy to yet another TV series.

"It's really good and funny,." Locklear said. "And I've always loved being on TV. I loved being in a series. I love having a regular place to go to all the time."

She was doing guest shots on shows like "CHiPs" and "Eight Is Enough" when she was still a teenager. She was starring in two different hits series at the same time — "Dynasty" and "T.J. Hooker" when she was barely 20.

Since then, she's been on lots of shows. Her biggest successes have come when she's joined series well after they debut — "Melrose Place" and "Spin City."

"It's crazy," Locklear said. "'m really fortunate and lucky."

Although she's not wrong when she points out that she has "some talent." Yes, she won a Razzie as worst actress for the awful 1989 movie "Return of the Swamp Thing," but that had more to do with the movie than with her. There aren't many actresses who could pull off playing opposite first Michael J. Fox and then Charlie Sheen on "Spin City." Or who could go through all the over-the-top drama on "Melrose Place" and come out looking great.

Those are, by the way, her two favorite series roles. Although one was considerably more challenging than the other.

"The biggest stretch would be Amanda Woodward [on 'Melrose Place'], and then the one most similar to me would probably be Caitlin of 'Spin City,'" Locklear said.

She is once against stepping into an established series on "Franklin & Bash," debuting in the third-season premiere on Tuesday (7 and 9 p.m. TNT, with a second episode at 8 and 10 p.m.).

Locklear doesn't find that intimidating. Quite the opposite, because "It's so much pressure" to launch a new series.

"When shows are on a couple seasons already, it's always nice to go in on that when they are well-oiled machines."

She signed on to "Franklin & Bash" as Rachel King, a smart, tough lawyer who instantly locks horns with the two title characters, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar).

"I think anyone would have instant chemistry with those two boys. said Locklear, who definitely does.

And she can tick one thing off her bucket list — she's never played a lawyer before.

"I loved 'Boston Legal.' I loved 'Ally McBeal,'" said Locklear, who guest starred on both shows. "Franklin & Bash" is "similar to that. It's a fun show. And it was different than what I've done."

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