Ski runs • Editor picks

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Alf's High Rustler, Alta • No single run symbolizes Utah skiing to the rest of the world quite like Alf's High Rustler. Its imposing pitch, from the top of the ridge down to the Little Cottonwood Canyon resort's base facility, is clearly visible for all to see. Only the best can ski it well, and only the best of the best have the endurance to go from top to bottom without stopping. Great skiers worldwide dream of making that top-to-bottom descent on a good powder day. And given its orientation, High Rustler gets some of the best powder anywhere. The run may even get better. Alta is talking about widening Corkscrew, making it easier for beginners and intermediates to reach the bottom, potentially eliminating the need for a cat track that cuts across Alf's High Rustler one-third of the way up the mountain.

First runner-up

Great Scott at Snowbird • What a pitch off the ridge, through snow that falls and blows in deep on classic Little Cottonwood Canyon dumps.

Second runner-up

Devil's Castle at Alta • The excitement that surges back through the line of skiers when the rope is dropped and the traverse is opened to the wide open powder fields of Devil's Castle is something in which to partake.