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"Most Scout troops in Utah are LDS sponsored. For a religious sect that has been run out of more than a couple of states, screaming about religious persecution/discrimination, they sure seem to put a lot of resources into discriminating against others."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the June 19 Tribune editorial, "GSLC and LGBT: Scouting's anti-gay agenda"

"I'm of the opinion that the only reason the legislature resists sanctioning this 'sport' is to keep grandpa out of prison."

— elijah2

commenting on the June 18 Tribune editorial, "Cockfighting law: Utah could attract blood, betting"

"Republicans' newly discovered concern for voter fraud doesn't have anything to do with evidence that such fraud is actually occurring and everything to do with suppressing the vote of people who are unlikely to vote Republican."

— PeaceMack

commenting on the Washington Post editorial, "Voter access trumps threat of fraud"

"End the war on drugs and watch gun violence drop 50%."

— tck62

commenting on the Bloomberg View editorial, "What we don't know about gun violence"

"It's been very difficult for Utah's GOP to police its own. Personally, I thought it would never happen. Credit to the few who stopped stalling and took action."

— Eldrake

commenting on the June 21 Tribune editorial, "On the record: Swallow probe off to a good start"

"This whole story reveals much about the Mayor's lack of ability to build consensus, to lead, to work well with others."

— Builderjohn

commenting on the June 21 article, "SLC Council overrides Becker's veto of $8M property tax hike"