Confronting suicide

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In 2011, I lost my mother to suicide. Losing my mother has been the hardest struggle I have faced. It took time to get over the anger and confusion over why this happened.

Now, I am involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which offered me support and help. I am making suicide prevention my life's mission.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. It takes an enormous toll on families, friends and communities.

More action must be taken to prevent, bring awareness and inform families and people in distress that help and support are available.

Earlier this month, along with hundreds of others from across the country, I traveled to our nation's capital to meet with members of Congress and urge their support of legislation to expand suicide prevention, education and research. We must act to prevent suicide

Visit for support and information on how to get involved in Utah.

Jeremy Schooley

Salt Lake City