Sorry for slurs

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Re "Deen is out, Sheen is in? TV just isn't fair" (Tribune, June 27):

Why doesn't everyone leave off piling on celebrity cook Paula Deen? So she used a racial slur decades ago? Who among us has not used a racial or ethnic slur?

My great aunt called blacks "darkies." She didn't mean anything by it.

Take a million people, and I bet 999,990 have said something they are now embarrassed to admit. No one is perfect.

Charlie Sheen not only made racial slurs, but just last week made a slur about women! But it's OK for him?

Slowly, we are losing our First Amendment right of freedom of speech. Although not polite, I should be able to say what I want.

I've been called a "kike" because of my Jewish background. Did I like it? No! Am I going to sue over it? No!

Leave Paula Deen alone. She apologized. Isn't that enough?

Candace L. Wetzler