Herbert's old schools

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Sharon Forbes disputes Gov. Gary Herbert's claim that a teacher from 100 years ago would feel right at home in a modern classroom ("Guv owes an apology," Forum, July 5). Unfortunately, she is correct.

Behind the palatial offices of the Davis County School District sits a one-room log schoolhouse in which my ancestor, Arelia Spencer Rogers, was educated. She is generally credited with having invented the LDS Church's Primary program for children. I have copies of her diaries. Her writing, both figuratively and literally, was beautiful.

Today, writing is done on a keyboard. Schools no longer teach conjugations (remember diagraming sentences?). Spelling is free form, but "spell check will fix that." So is math: "Everyone has calculators."

Government forms, tests and political correctness would baffle a teacher of 100 years ago.

Sadly, Herbert is wrong.

Duane Carling