What is the G-word?

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Re "God's best friend" (Forum, July 2): Charles Penrose comparing the use of the "N-word" to the use of the "G-word" seems misguided and sophomoric. For me to think otherwise, I need a couple points clarified.

He states that the "most offensive profanity" is using "the name of deity." What deity? Whose deity? If he must have a deity in his mythology, exactly what is its name? Certainly not "God." A god may or may not be a deity. Greeks and Romans gave them names. We use those names for planets and automobiles now.

I will never use the "N-word" and will not use Penrose's god's name in his presence, if he will tell me what its name is. I'm betting he thinks Penrose will be the name of a god one day but, until then, he should relax and deal with real offensive words, those that misrepresent and hurt real beings.

John K. Dallimore

Cottonwood Heights