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"The only way to protect my rights is to protect everyone's rights. Otherwise none of us have any rights."

— Odin9999

commenting on the July 9 Tribune editorial, "Get a warrant: Utah subpoenas are not enough"

"LOL! I wish I could be paid $300,000 to do nothing real at all."

— petragalazio

commenting on the July 10 Pat Bagley cartoon, "Wolves at the Dork," which lampooned Utah legislators for giving $300,000 to a private group for its campaign against the reintroduction of wolves into Utah — a move no one has proposed.

"You could if you promised to give a good portion of it back to the politicians as campaign contributions."

— max_cady

commenting on the above comment

"Boyd K. Packer was preaching against inter-racial marriage in the early 1970s, when I was a student at Weber State. Being a child of a inter-racial marriage and based on the university's decision to endorse Mr. Packer and his views, I can only assume that I was never actually welcome at Weber. And I can also assume that they will not welcome my contributions."

— mamiejane

commenting on the July 8 State of the Debate blog post, "Weber State backs Packer, loses Lisonbee," which discussed the controversy over the naming of a collection of family services programs after LDS General Authority Boyd K. Packer

"Actually, President Boyd K. Packer, as an ordained apostle, is a special witness of Jesus Christ. When he speaks at General Conference, he is teaching us what Jesus Christ would teach us if he were here."

— Pahoran

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