BYU grad's '25 Things Mormon Girls Love' goes viral

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Try as they might, Mormon girls can't resist the seductive lure of V-shaped lines.

At least that's according to Buzzfeed writer Hunter Schwarz, a BYU journalism graduate who included "Chevrons" on Wednesday's briefly ubiquitous list of "25 Things Mormon Girls Love." Also listed in Schwarz's handbook to Mormon hearts: lace-trim tank tops, Pride and Prejudice, frozen yogurt and mustaches on sticks.

The story was viewed more than 335,000 times and "liked" 22,000 times on Facebook, according to Buzzfeed site statistics. By definition, his list was an exercise in stereotyping, but Schwarz says the response was 100 percent positive.

"Growing up a Mormon, you talk a lot about Mormon culture," he told The Tribune in a phone interview. "It's stuff you joke about and you celebrate."

He acknowledges that many of the items ­— Diet Coke and blogs, for instance — appeal to a much broader group than Mormons, and that "not all Mormon women are the same."

But "It gets people thinking about what's unique to our culture," in what he calls "the Book of Mormon Belt." He plans to release "25 Things Mormon Guys Love" sometime next week.

Was it appropriate for Schwarz to paint the modern Mormon girl with such a broad brush, and if it was, did he miss anything? Tell us what you think below, via Twitter (#MormonGirlsList) or on our Facebook page.

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