Is this Utah politics?

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As a clinical social worker, I have had the privilege of working with Sim Gill on a professional level for the last 15 years. I'm impressed with this man's dedication to profession, community and social justice. I see a man who is impeccable and speaks a political language that we only hope for from most of our elected officials.

I have been impressed at his integrity, commitment, philosophical base and fair disposition. Sim stands out as someone you want to emulate; you want to learn to be a better professional when you watch Sim Gill in action. I'm proud to say that I voted for Sim Gill. I knew what I was getting, and he does not disappoint.

Chad Bennion, who is this guy? Frankly, his ramblings and attitudes reflect his true character. Gill promotes a legitimate dialogue about the legal system, law and justice. Current reporting would suggest Bennion is not capable of that level of intellect.

Utah deserves a dialogue, not a Bennion slinging racial comments and accusations that are not even worthy of the playground.

Jerry Buie