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Well, the anti-everything (anti-hunting, anti-livestock, anti-animal experimentation) Humane Society and PETA, and the anti-everything people from all over who know nothing about Salt Lake are at it again.

Any time a story is in the news that they can use to rally people against any use of animals that doesn't treat them like people, the antis jump all over it, decrying how the poor animals are being misused, and we must stop the abuse immediately, even when there was no ill intent or cruelty involved. As far as I'm concerned, they care more about promoting their agendas than they do about the animals.

The carriage outfits have been in business a long time, and from what I've seen love these animals as they do their own families. They are treated like stars, well-fed and happy. Everyone other than those in the know (mainly veterinary professionals) should mind their own business.

I just hope the city administration doesn't have its usual knee-jerk reaction and makes a mountain out of a molehill. If the anti-everything people changed their focus to people, along with animals, they might really accomplish something.

David Thomas

Salt Lake City