On the other foot

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I am glad we have a dysfunctional government right now. It is delaying or keeping us from intervening in Syria's sovereign right to destroy itself. Gridlock is saving American lives and resources.

Although not going to war may cost a few jobs, any delay is only going to be in our best interest. This is just another foreign affairs decision that will need to be made at some point. But, for now, gridlock is working just the way our forefathers never envisioned.

Maybe it's time for a civil (or maybe a revolutionary) war here in America (our forefathers did, I'm just saying) to solve this gridlock. Who knows who would intervene then?

How would Americans react if they were exercising their inherent right to rebel against their government and some foreign government, deciding it's not in the best interests of Americans to fight amongst themselves, sent military aid to one side or another?

I bet we would come together as one to defeat that invader before we got back to the business of killing ourselves.

Richard Burrola

Salt Lake City