Cannon: Nine ways for summer lovers to make peace with fall

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Well, here we go again.

The days are getting shorter, which means I want to grow a winter coat all over my body, find a cozy little burrow somewhere and store a bunch of acorns in it. Also doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts. (Glazed. Buttermilk. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Ones with pink frosting from Banbury Cross on Seventh East in Salt Lake.) I'm serious. I want to go comatose eating doughnuts for the next six months.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my husband starts to revive from his annual summer heat-induced stupor. Unlike me (I'm the one hibernating in the nearest tree), he's all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He starts saying YES! to life again. Thoughts of the coming cold and dark invigorate him. He's just like my family's old Norwegian Elkhound, Thor.

(That's right. She was a Norwegian Elkhound, and her name was Thor. Feel free to subtract originality points for such an obvious name choice. On the other hand, please give us points for naming our girl dog after a male Scandinavian deity.)

Anyway, this dog loved fall and winter. When the days grew cooler she'd run outside like a calf out of the chute and turn mad 360s on the front lawn, which was her way of saying YES! to life again.

So there you have it. My husband gets happy in the fall and winter. I get depressed and where's the fun in that? That's why I'm trying to remind myself of the good things about the approaching seasons, which include the following:

NFL football • As I recently noted on my Facebook page, I hope in my next life I get to be the girl who sings the "Sunday Night Football" theme.

The World Series • Baseball is a just a big old party, party, party in September and October.

TV • My programs start up again. My kids love to make fun of me and my programs. They like to ask if I've been watching "Matlock" again. Ha ha ha ha ha. I tell them I don't watch "Matlock." I watch "The Good Wife" and "Person of Interest," duh. And then I tell them to take a hike, so I can watch my programs in peace.

Halloween • Hey! I love the Halloween, although I fear Halloween is becoming the new Christmas. Since when did we start putting up decorations in August and September?

Doughnuts. • See above.

The farmers market • Late summer and early fall are the best times to go, especially when the peaches are on. I just bought a bagful of Elegant Ladies this week, and I'm in peach heaven.

Mysteries • I read mysteries all year round but there's a special pleasure in reading them when you're hibernating in a tree. I especially look forward to reading "Norwegian by Night," a mystery that's getting a lot of buzz at The King's English bookshop.

Bulbs and pansies • Planting both of these is an act of faith. It's my way of saying I know that spring will come again.

Walks in City Creek Canyon • As grumpy as I get this time of year, I am not immune to the special beauties of fall and winter. And it blows my mind that a place like City Creek Canyon is only five minutes away from the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

We live in an amazing place, it's true. And hopefully I'll wake up enough in the next six months to enjoy it.

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