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"These decisions are best made by the free market. If sufficient campaign contributions are made to the governor and a few key legislators, then the incinerator is needed and probably deserving of taxpayer-funded incentives."

— JudgeGraft

commenting on the Oct. 24 Tribune editorial, "Medical waste incinerators should be made to prove their worth"

"The GOP screams deficit doom to further their agenda of shoveling more money to the already wealthy."

— Dee Oltman

commenting on the Oct. 25 Paul Krugman column, "Deficit scolds are addicted to the apocalypse"

"Hmmm... Polarizing professional athlete with gaping flaws in his game, brought in mostly to sell jerseys and tickets? Jazz should sign Tim Tebow."

— Pac

commenting on the Oct. 25 Gordon Monson column, "The Jazz should trade for Jimmer Fredette"

"How about a probe into why North Salt Lake zoned light residential next to heavy industrial?"

— RustyNail88

commenting on the Oct. 25 article, "Governor orders probe of Stericycle's toxic emissions"

"I never saw the point of suspensions. The goof-offs who get suspended are the ones who don't want to be in school in the first place! Don't reward them!"

— utecougar

commenting on the Oct. 25 Public Forum letter, "Educators should help kids in ninth grade avoid dropping out"

"Fox News: the rich scaring the middle class into blaming all the problems on the poor."

— r_dale

commenting on the Oct. 24 Dana Milbank column, "Republicans have learned nothing"