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"UT is comprised of far too many busybodies who have nothing to offer but griping about one thing or another."

— Latter-Day Dude

commenting on the Nov. 13 article, "After complaint, Salt Lake City closes Avenues Bistro patio"

"Exhibit A, the SL Trib comment sections."

— Johnny_UT

commenting on the above comment

"If you think you will never need mental health coverage, then you might already need it."

— cuteizzy21

commenting on the Nov. 10 Tribune editorial, "Most canceled health plans are no great loss"

"That's more than Obamacare has sold."

— laguna

commenting on the Nov. 14 article, "UTA sells 2,172 new e-fare cards in first month"

"Don't tell me you've got Rodman's wedding dress, too."

— AlienRants

commenting on the Nov. 13 article, "Ex-Jazz ball boy selling Jordan's shoes from legendary 'Flu Game'"

"Gary Herbert's solution for every problem: form a committee, blue ribbon panel or conduct a study to maybe make a decision. I swear, if al-Qaida was storming the Utah Capitol, Herbie would create a focus group to see how to handle the issue."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the Nov. 12 op-ed column by Brian Moench, "Stericycle study won't help make decision to shut it down"

" 'It isn't medicine,' says someone who is a dispenser of big pharma. Always follow the money!"

— dave_slc

commenting on the Nov. 15 Public Forum letter, "Marijuana isn't medicine"