Letter: Utes should be careful what they wish for from U.

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Memo to Ute Tribe: Be careful what you wish for regarding your demands for more compensation from the University of Utah for using the Utes name and symbols as its mascot and logo ("Tribe seeks new benefits from U. for use of name, logo," Tribune, Nov. 9).

Should the U. decide to drop Utes altogether, exposure of the tribe's symbols would be relegated to souvenir shops in Vernal.

The exposure the tribe receives whenever and wherever U. athletes perform is priceless. That's a fact you should not ignore, as did The Tribune editorial board in its claim that "U. owes Ute Tribe for use of name," Our View, Nov. 13).

For the supersensitive types who want the U. to get a new mascot, I offer the indigenous Utah brine shrimp. Think of the excitement and symbols that could generate. But no doubt, someone, somewhere will be offended by that, too.

Mike Korologos

Salt Lake City