Brazen burglars suspected in at least 6 Salt Lake home break-ins

ATM images • Cameras caught the pair as they cashed in on stolen credit cards.
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Salt Lake Valley law enforcement officers want the public's help in bringing to justice a couple of especially brazen burglars.

Cottonwood Heights police Detective Sam Dawson said Thursday that the male suspects are believed responsible for at least six residential burglaries between Dec. 1 and Dec. 10. Four of those break-ins occurred in Cottonwood Heights, while others were reported in neighboring West Jordan and Sandy.

Dawson said police may have caught a break when the suspects recently were caught on ATM security cameras as they used stolen credit cards to withdraw about $3,000 from one victim.

These culprits are not the typical smash-and-grab burglars, but are believed to be especially careful and selective in choosing their targets. They also spend several hours inside the homes — either empty rentals, or vacant house up for sale — and haul away vehicle-loads of electronics, furniture, silverware "and just about anything else they can lay their hands on," Dawson said.

Two of the homes in Cottonwood Heights hit by the pair reported more than $20,000 in losses each. In another home, police believe the suspects may have even briefly set up housekeeping, even stocking the refrigerator with groceries.

"They may have been using that home as a sort of base of operations for a while," Dawson said.

If you recognize the suspects from the photos accompanying this article, or have any information relating to the burglaries, contact Cottonwood Heights police at 801-840-4000.

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