Dentist given up to 5 years for abuse

Matthew Lyman seeks more lenient agreement, but prosecutor and judge will have none of it
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LOGAN - A former Logan dentist, who sexually abused two patients, was sentenced in 1st District Court Monday for up to five years at the Utah State Prison.

Matthew Lyman, 38, pleaded guilty in October to one count of forcible sexual abuse, a third-degree felony, and sexual battery, a class A misdemeanor. Judge Clint Judkins also ordered Lyman to pay restitution to the two victims, plus $4,000 in fines.

Lyman told the court on Monday: "I've tried to be honest from the beginning. I am sorry for everything I've done. I completely screwed up. I apologize to everybody."

Defense attorney Wally Bugden Jr. said evaluations from mental-health professionals indicate that Lyman is not likely to re-offend. Bugden said his client voluntarily gave up his dentistry license and sought psychological counseling.

Prosecutor Tony Baird had little to say, and he refused Monday to renegotiate a previously agreed-to plea deal.

Judkins said the prison sentence is necessary to set a watermark for others in a position of power in society.

"Where much is given, much is expected. Dr. Lyman has committed certain offenses which the court would not be fulfilling its obligations to society if it ignored."