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If you were watching Utah high school football this season, it was hard to look away.

At any given moment, something amazing could happen. The MVPs and all-state honorees for this season danced their way out of tackles, made game-winning catches, sacked quarterbacks and dazzled with breathtaking returns.

Fans could spot them on the field — the players who stood out from the crowd, not just with their spectacular plays, but from the way they carried themselves. Whenever they broke from the huddle, people waited for them to come through in the clutch moments that defined their seasons.

These players seemed to rise above the fray, to accomplish feats that didn't just awe and astound, but wrote history that will be remembered both on paper and in stories and recollections between friends and family that will live on well after their days on the gridiron are over.

These young men stood head and shoulders above the rest: Chase Hansen, quarterback, Sr., Lone Peak (5A); D.J. Nelson, quarterback, Sr., Logan (4A); Brian Scott, running back, Sr., Hurricane (3A); Landon Carter, linebacker, Sr., Manti (2A); and Braiden Despain, running back, Sr., Duchesne (1A).

Class 5A

MVP •Chase Hansen, quarterback, Sr., Lone Peak

Quarterback • Karson Casteel, Sr., Northridge

Quarterback • Austin Kafentzis, Fr., Jordan

Running back • Nick Vigil, Sr., Fremont

Running back • Bryan Engstrom, Sr., Alta

Wide receiver • Inoke Lotulelei, Jr., Cottonwood

Wide receiver • Zac Saunders, Sr., Lone Peak

Offensive line • Dallas Clark, Sr., Northridge

Offensive line • Brandon Fanaika, Sr., Pleasant Grove

Offensive line • Poasi Taukeiaho, Sr., Bingham

Offensive line • Corey Cook, Sr., Syracuse

Offensive line • B.J. Cavendar, Jr., Jordan

Defensive line • Hunter Dimick, Sr., Syracuse

Defensive line • Troy Hinds, Sr., Davis

Defensive line • Luke Hollingsworth, Sr., Fremont

Defensive line • Jake Gallegos, Sr., Fremont

Linebacker • Jared Afalava, Sr., Bingham

Linebacker • Kurtis Taufa, Sr., Lone Peak

Linebacker • Austin Tate, SR., Northridge

Defensive back • Austin Lee, Sr., Alta

Defensive back • Micah Hanneman, Sr., Lone Peak

Defensive back • Rowdy Stucki, Sr., Fremont

Defensive back • Jordan Preator, Jr., Fremont

Kicker • Trevor Robb, Jr., Lone Peak

All-purpose • Connor Humphrey, Sr., Lone Peak

Class 5A second team

Quarterback • Cooper Bateman, Jr., Cottonwood

Quarterback • Trevor Davis, Sr., Syracuse

Running back • Eric Takenaka, Sr., West

Running back • Daniel Palepoi, Sr., Bingham

Running back • Gabe Hosea, Jr. Cottonwood

Wide receiver • Taylor Loomis, Sr., Jordan

Wide receiver • Martavious Redmond, Sr., West Jordan

Offensive line • Gus Lavaka, Sr., Kearns

Offensive line • Tucker Hurd, Jr., Fremont

Offensive line • Zack Larsen, Jr., Jordan

Offensive line • Scooter Arnold, Sr., Northridge

Offensive line • Kurtis Nokes, Sr., Riverton

Defensive line • Colin Bearnson, X, Lone Peak

Defensive line • Will Nasilai, Sr., Bingham

Defensive line • Moses Foaluolo, Sr., Hunter

Defensive line • Ryan Jensen, Sr., Alta

Linebacker • Albert Tai, Jr., Riverton

Linebacker • Rossiter Potter, Sr., Davis

Linebacker • Hayden Babka, Sr., Jordan

Defensive back • Brody Berry, Sr., Lone Peak

Defensive back • Uaea Masina, Jr., Brighton

Defensive back • J.T. Anderson, Sr., Layton

Defensive back • Andrew Shirmer, Sr., Lone Peak

Kicker • Brock Anderson, Jr., Syracuse

Class 4A

MVP • D.J. Nelson, quarterback, Sr., Logan

Quarterback • Jason Cook, Sr., East

Quarterback • Scott Porter, Sr., Olympus

Running back • Liti Molisi, Sr., East

Running back • Francis Bernard, Jr., Herriman

Wide receiver • Rickey Shumway, Sr., Timpview

Wide receiver • Cole Payne, Jr., Orem

Offensive line • Vaha Vainuku, Sr., East

Offensive line • Dalton Cole, Sr., Logan

Offensive line • Nate Watchman, Sr., Olympus

Offensive line • Kahai Faalafua, Sr., Timpanogos

Offensive line • Gordon Moi Moi, Sr., Timpview

Defensive line • Moana Ofahengaue, Sr., Westlake

Defensive line • Caden Anderson, Jr., Logan

Defensive line • Quincy Clark, Sr., Highland

Defensive line • Sione Lea'atoa, Jr., East

Linebacker • Chasen Andersen, Jr., Logan

Linebacker • Josh Burr, Sr., Timpview*

Linebacker • Adam Webber, Soph., Highland

Defensive back • Johnny Luke, Sr., Logan

Defensive back • Sione Makoni, Sr., East

Defensive back • Sean Barton, Jr., Woods Cross

Defensive back • Famafili Laulu Pututau, Jr., Mountain Crest

Kicker • Jake Thompson, Jr., Logan

All-purpose • Luke Larsen, Sr., Bountiful

Class 4A second team

Quarterback • Steve Bate, Sr., Springville

Quarterback • Skyler Farnes, Jr., Woods Cross

Running back • Jakob Hunt, Jr., Bountiful

Running back • Maurice Mapps Jr., Sr., Skyline

Wide receiver • John Fakahafua, Jr., East

Wide receiver • Jaylon Miyasaki, Sr., Springville

Offensive line • Tevika Hafoka, Sr., East

Offensive line • Conrad Beach, Sr., Springville

Offensive line • Zach Russon, Sr., Skyline

Offensive line • Joseph Hartshorn, Sr., Mountain View

Offensive line • Junior Hamilton, Jr., Bountiful

Defensive line • Ethan Dursteller, Jr., Sky View

Defensive line • Felipe Fifita Sitake, Sr., Mountain View

Defensive line • John Topou, Sr., Springville

Defensive line • Ethan Petersen, Sr., Mountain Crest

Linebacker • Rylee Gautavai, Jr., Bountiful

Linebacker • C.J. Hildebrand, Jr., Maple Mountain

Linebacker • Brandon Shingleton, Sr., Skyline

Defensive back • Britton Gunter, Sr., Box Elder

Defensive back • Jack Fabrizio, Sr., Bountiful

Defensive back • Justin Weaver, Sr., Highland

Defensive back • Tyler Solorzano, Sr., Timpview

Kicker • Hayes Hicken, Sr., Highland

All-purpose • John Schmidt, Sr., Logan

Class 3A

MVP • Brian Scott, running back, Sr., Hurricane

Quarterback • John Ursua, Sr., Cedar

Quarterback • Hayden Nielsen, Sr., Spanish Fork

Running back • Christian Taele, Sr., Spanish Fork

Running back • Mike Needham, Sr., Desert Hills

Wide receiver • Jono Schettler, Sr., Park City

Wide receiver • Luigy Paulino, Sr., Spanish Fork

Offensive line • Alex Sefita, Sr., Hurricane

Offensive line • Sosiua Vaitohi, Sr., Spanish Fork

Offensive line • Kahi Eldredge, Sr., Cedar

Offensive line • Logan Stott, Jr., Pine View

Offensive line • McKay Ericsson, Sr., Desert Hills

Defensive line • Kevin Mortensen, Sr., Hurricane

Defensive line • Michael Beck, Sr., Cedar

Defensive line • Cole Wright, Sr., Juab

Defensive line • Jared McCauley, Sr., Juan Diego

Linebacker • Peter Brown, Sr., Desert Hills

Linebacker • Skyler Cloward, Jr., Grantsville

Linebacker • Jared Edwards, Jr., Hurricane

Defensive back • Taylor Parker, Sr., Hurricane

Defensive back • Bud Pope, Sr., Desert Hills

Defensive back • Colin Christensen, Sr., Delta

Defensive back • Taylor Day, Sr., Bear River

Kicker • Ethan Stratton, So., Hurricane

All-purpose • Weston Yardley, Jr., Hurricane

Class 3A second team

Quarterback • Blake Barney, Jr., Dixie

Quarterback • Chase Christiansen, Soph., Stansbury

Running back • Christian Hatch, Sr., Delta

Running back • Prentiss Miller, Jr., Pine View

Wide receiver • Dalen Erickson, Sr., Grantsville

Wide receiver • Ty Rutledge, Jr., Desert Hills

Offensive line • Gerry Banda, Sr., Delta

Offensive line • Ben Gottfredson, Sr., Snow Canyon

Offensive line • Clayton Welch, Sr., Bear River

Offensive line • Ryan McCauley, Sr., Juan Diego

Offensive line • Rhett Bird, Sr., North Sanpete

Defensive line • Jeremy Cafe, Sr., Stansbury

Defensive line • Dakota Letham, Sr., Grantsville

Defensive line • Nate Brinker, Sr., Desert Hills

Defensive line • Boston Saunders, Sr., Morgan

Linebacker • Colin Argyle, Sr., Spanish Fork

Linebacker • Dakota Cox, Jr., Juan Diego

Linebacker • Kaden Hughes, Sr., Delta

Defensive back • Jace Johnson, Sr., Delta

Defensive back • Max Cook, Jr., Grantsville

Defensive back • Talem Franco, Jr., Wasatch

Defensive back • Christian Weidle, Sr., Judge Memorial

Kicker • Austin Barker, Sr., Dixie

All-purpose • Jake Arslanian, Sr., Pine View

Class 2A

MVP • Landon Carter, linebacker, Sr., Manti

OL/DL • Aaron Austad, Sr., Manti

OL/DL • Chris Lauti, Sr., Manti

RB/DB • Pancho Alcala, Sr., Millard

RB/DB • Jesse Rhodes, Jr., Millard

OL/DL • Lucas Rydalch, Sr., South Summit

OL/DL • Bonner Mitchell, Sr., South Summit

OL/DL • Landon Palmer, Sr., San Juan

QB/DB • Barkley Christensen, Jr., San Juan

RB/LB • Cory Cox, Jr., Emery

RB/DB • Jeremy Brown, Sr., Beaver

OL/DL • Justus Clark, Sr., Richfield

RB/DB • Nathan Rees, Sr., North Summit

QB/DB • Brady Aste, Sr., Manti

OL/LB • Trey Ashton, Sr., Millard

OL/DL • Bogh Bayles, Jr., San Juan

TE/LB • Kendall White, Jr., Beaver

OL/DL • Marquez Jessup, Sr., Beaver

RB/LB • Ryan West, Sr., Enterprise,

WR/DB • Sage Palmer, Sr., Enterprise

QB/LB • Josh Henry, Jr., Richfield

RB/DB • Hayden Packard, Jr., South Summit

OL/DL • Kalen Reynolds, Sr., Emery

RB/LB • Jeremy Aleman, Jr., Millard

RB/LB • Braden Harris, Jr., Gunnison

Class 2A second team

RB/LB • Austin Jackson, Jr., Manti

OL/DL • Keith Kesler, Sr., Millard,

RB/LB • Logan Meyer, Jr., San Juan

RB/DB • Braden Hampton, Sr., Richfield

OL/DL • Dylan Hill, Sr., Kanab

RB/DB • Braden Brown, Sr., North Summit

DL/LB • Kevin Ballard, Sr., Grand

RB/DB • Patrick Baker, Jr., South Sevier

OL/DL • Blake Schiess, Sr., Manti

OL/LB • Garrett Crystal, Jr., South Summit

WR/DB • Jaxon Vernon, Sr., North Summit

RB/LB • Jesse Winn, Sr., Emery

OL/DL • Oaks Morley, Jr., ALA

RB/LB • Cory Johnson, Sr., North Sevier

WR/DB • Bobby Bowring, Jr., San Juan

WR/DB • Lyndon Bradshaw, Jr., Beaver

RB/LB • Jade Hulet, Sr., Enterprise

OL/DL • Treg Shumway, Sr., Richfield

RB/LB • Josh Urianza, Sr., Kanab

OL/DL • Caylor Mathews, Sr., Parowan

RB/LB • Zane Stevens, Jr., Manti

OL/DL • DonE Fullmer, Jr., Millard

QB • Ty Yardley, Sr., Beaver

OL/LB • Joey Leavitt, Sr., South Sevier

Class 1A

MVP • Braiden Despain, running back, Sr., Duchesne

OL/LB • Kane Nealley, Sr., Duchesne

OL/DL • Max Lewis, Sr., Duchesne

RB/DB • Macoy Young, Sr., Duchesne

WR/DB • Brandon Faison, Sr., Layton Christian

RB/LB • Colin Greenhill, Jr., Layton Christian

RB/LB • Kyle Foy, Jr., Altamont

OL/DL • Adam Black, Sr., Monticello

QB/DB • Kyle Atchison, Sr., Diamond Ranch

QB/LB • Shiaba Allen, Sr., Duchesne

All-purpose • Mauricio Hernandez, Sr., Milford

WR/DB • Duce Namazi, Jr., Layton Christian

TE/LB • Jonah Cafferty, Sr., Monticello

S • Terek Esplin, Sr., Monticello

RB/LB • Kaden Moon, Jr., Duchesne

QB/S • Kyle Yockey, Jr., Layton Christian

OL/DL • Devin Davis, Sr., Duchesne

Class 1A second team

WR/DB • Nick Edwards, Jr., Layton Christian

TE/DE • Josh Hawes, Soph., Layton Christian

OL/LB • David Farley, Sr., Layton Christian

OL/DL • Jake Warden, Jr., Layton Christian

WR/DB • Cameron Long, Sr., Layton Christian

WR/DB • Rome Aguilar, Jr., Layton Christian

RB/LB • Kaden Thompson, Jr., Rich

OL/DB • Dallin Leifson, Sr., Rich

OL/LB • Cassidy Smith, Jr., Altamont

DE • Jake Miller, Sr., Monticello

WR/DB • Jake Duncan, Jr., Monticello

LB • PJ Leiatau, Jr., Monticello

OL/DL • Daniel Hardy, Sr., Milford

OL/DL • Teon Timmell, Jr., Diamond Ranch

RB/LB • Austin Wilcox, Soph., Monticello

WR/DE • Treaven Spencer, Sr., Duchesne

DB • Mike Dye, Sr., Duchesne

RB/DB • Josh Hanberg, Jr., Duchesne

OL/DL • Wade Shepard, Jr., Duchesne

QB • Jordan Benson, Sr., Altamont

WR/DE • Quincy Mason, Sr., LCA

RB/LB • Eliyah Mayberry, Jr., LCA

RB/LB • Brady Meek, Sr., Rich

TE/DE • Bracken Pinter, Sr., Rich

TE/DE • McKade Nielsen, Jr., Duchesne

QB/LB • Austin Groll, Sr., Rich All-State softball MVPs and teams (pdf) ยป

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